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Lost Inside Myself book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers . Lost Inside Myself is an exploration of life and love from.
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Let us know! Email us at tidyfairyla gmail. You can also follow us on Instagram or check out our Facebook page. All the moms are doing it ;. Me with my Marie Kondo book. Time for a fresh start! I love spring. It feels like a second chance at making resolutions; a try-again new year's day. Now how do we start to bring that sense of newness, of optimism, of new life and possibility blooming into our homes? Well, the key is to start by Last spring we created a 6 bags in 6 weeks decluttering challenge for you, complete with videos and cute checklists!

If you'd like to play the 6in6, you can start the game HERE. If you played last year, you can certainly play again! Yes, that means purging. An easier way to think of it is that you are going to pick the BEST stuff out of what you already have. You are shopping your own closet. You are treasure hunting in your own home. While we love the Konmari method and agree that this method is the most thorough and likely to prevent relapse, it can be quite time intensive.

And sometimes, you just really need to be able to park your car in the crowded garage, or be able to see and reach all of your clothes in an overstuffed closet, or to rearrange your bathroom products so you can see what you have and stop buying duplicates. Sometimes one particular area of your house has become, for you, an emergency clutter situation that needs to be solved ASAP.

We get that.

Deeper Closets & Paper Avenues - No Mind

Plus, it can be great motivation to continue if you get to see the immediate rewards of totally decluttering and reorganizing one specific space. Lay down a sheet or tarp to work on in that space. Ideally, it's somewhere near by that isn't difficult to travel to and from repeatedly. An adjoining room floor, a nice space on the patio, or even your bed will work just fine. Every box, bag, and hanger is out of that closet. Every book is off the shelf. You get the picture. Whatever space you are working on, take every single item out of it and into the separate staging area all at once, and clean it so it looks like new.

Now you've got a breezy, open space full of potential to honor, protect, and display your treasures ready to go Separate things in the staging area by category. Pants with pants. Books with books. Electronics with electronics. Once that's done, you'll be able to work those categories one at a time. Hone your sense of joy: Pick one of those categories, and pick the top three things from that pile that make you light up the most!

Keep all the things that speak to your heart that way, and compare the way you feel about everything else to that. If it doesn't light you up, it's time to let it go. ONLY once you have fully committed to what you are keeping, and bagged up everything that is to be donated or tossed, can you start deciding how to organize things and how to put them away. If you start organizing in the middle of decluttering, you with clutter your mind, lose steam and focus, and likely you will not finish. Stick to evaluating items and doing tasks one at a time, and in the right order!

Let us know how it goes! You can tag us on instagram tidyfairyla , or 6in6, or leave a comment here! And if you need help, schedule a consultation with us here! Tidy Tidbits! Hello, friends! Enjoy this handful of science-based reasons to keep working on creating the organized, joyful, tidy home of your dreams!

Keith, Ph. Keith and her colleagues tracked the physical health of African Americans between the ages of 49 and 65, a demographic known to be at an increased risk for heart disease. In fact, house cleanliness was even more of a predictor for physical health than neighborhood walkability. Specifically, they found that the visual cortex can be overwhelmed by task-irrelevant objects, making it harder to allocate attention and complete tasks efficiently.

I personally really identify with the Princeton study; I can't focus on a singular task if my house is a disaster for the life of me.

If I've got a big project that I really need to finish, the first thing I always do is clean my room! Having an clean and organized space not only makes it easier to access all of the things that I need to perform a task, but it also seems to quiet my brain so I can actually focus on what is in front of me. Strive to make a space that supports you, the real you, not merely to compete with pintrest boards and instagram flat lays. If you need help honing in on what truly brings you joy, let us come give you a hand!

Heather and I were stoked to tidy for a good friend and woman about town, Liz. She has two kids, so in addition to her own things, many family items had been delegated to her personal space. Since we were only doing her closet for the day, we needed to work within the limits of keeping those items stored in her closet, with the goal of preventing them from having such an impact.

Liz's stated goal was to stop feeling that her closet was "falling down around" her. Bins stored high and haphazardly made Liz feel that something might fall on her! Not relaxing! Bins down low were underfoot. Everyone has something! Every little thing counts! Our concentrated way of decluttering left us with empty bins! The goal in a full-house declutter would be to save the bins and use them in other areas of the house. SO many bins she ended up not needing after the declutter!

Much better! We were able to reorganize everything so that the storage is much more pleasing to the eye, all using bins that Liz already had. There was even space to create a gallery wall with her children's art! We also pared down her jewelry enough that everything she owns, she would at some point like to wear!

I took a leap of faith and broke apart one jewelry tray, fitting it into her antique dresser top, which was designed for this purpose! Now Liz has a closet that feels more like a dream than a nightmare ; Do you have a closet that is giving you the creeps? We'd love to hear about it! Bobby had his kitchen renovated and needed the final step - organization! What is the point, after all, of spending precious resources to refinish your kitchen only to struggle with space allocation?

We were so excited to make it easy to use and picture perfect. Bobby's culling in the kitchen mostly had to do with glassware. We are fine with and even encourage breaking up sets. If you don't need all 10 glasses, don't keep them! Space is precious.

Downsizing + Emotions

We believe in grouping like items for best storage, with the exception of items you would especially like to display. We also like for display areas like shelves to be arranged particularly for viewing! This little shelf should be filled with joy and right now we would say it is not joyful! Not an efficient use of space, and the plates here have been separated for no real reason. After decluttering all the dishes, kitchen implements, pantry items and under the sink, we were able to rearrange everything in a way that is both best use and most attractive! The insides of the cabinets and drawers were spacious, but not efficiently assigned.

The new drawers were luckily spacious enough for vertical storage, but still needed some rearranging. AFTER - blender and pasta maker are now grouped and dishes are nested for easiest storage. AFTER - dishtowels and oven mitts now have their own drawer, with other cleaning supplies sponges and steel wool stored using old tupperware! AFTER - plastic tupperware is replaced with glass, which stores more neatly. Thermos and other drink storage also grouped here. AFTER - coffee tools that once lived on top of the counter now have designated spaces inside the top-most drawer.

After sorting the drawers, my favorite part is rearranging the counters! In general, lower counters are for food preparation, not display. Best use is always our focus. See below, Bobby's counters are not overly cluttered, but could be more efficient and attractively arranged. AFTER space is carved out for easy chopping. We chose his most decorative cups and finger bowls for display. AFTER - extra coffee tools have a new home inside the top drawer. Tea, oil, and wine should always be stored away from heat and direct light.

I love to store garlic in its own little white bowl. Just my favorite little aesthetic, and it saves getting garlic skin everywhere else. Wooden implements can be stored on the counter in something as simple as a plastic cup, if it all goes with the color scheme. Focus on really giving each implement its own place in the drawer. Play around until it feels just right! There is something about plastic that is just unwieldy and disobedient. It's always falling and flying around when least wanted!

Now I understand the convenience, especially with children, but if you really want to step up your kitchen organization, losing the plastic can go a long way. I recommend stainless steel and silicone as replacements, along with good solid glass Pyrex style containers. Making a change like this not only gets rid of the plastic, which in many cases is not food safe for as long as you think your mother's Tupperware needs to be thrown. I also like simple mason jars as food storage alternatives, and they are cheap. If you want to learn more about getting rid of plastic in the kitchen check out this other post on it!

Sorry bout it, can't be donated! In most cases it can be recycled, but there are many Tidy Fairy approved ways to keep it! See below a couple of ways we have used old tupperware to organize the kitchen. Corral matches in the spice drawer! Corral trash bags and sponges in rectangular ones! In one afternoon we transformed Bobby's frustrating kitchen to one that is beautiful and easy to use.

Do some of these solutions work for you too? Comment here or check us out on Facebook and Instagram! Text or leave a message with ! Namely, the embalming of her own body. In the early s, a Hungarian immigrant family is blamed for a series of werewolf attacks in town. A man pays a visit to his sister in a deserted town besieged by vampires, but why does no one come out before dark and what does the local restaurant have to do with it? A playboy uses bride and groom voodoo dolls to make a rich, elderly woman marry him so he can get his hands on her money.

When he meets a new girlfriend, he uses the dolls to kill his wife, unaware that the doll still holds power even after the death of the real bride. Explorers uncovering the tomb of an ancient Egyptian pharaoh do not believe in the reported curse of the mummy that lies inside the tomb, until they decide to steal the pharaoh's treasures for themselves. A you-are-the-protagonist story. As a taxi driver working in a town where a series of recent murders have been attributed to vampires, you become suspicious of a passenger who seems to know a few too many details about the deaths.

A shrewish housewife investigates when, after her friend suddenly goes on a long trip without warning, the friend's husband takes up a new interest in carrier pigeons. A bigamist has been living with two separate wives, one of whom loves bowling and the other loves to play golf. They discover this ruse when they meet in a hotel where their respective tournaments are being held; and decide to take their revenge in a most sporting fashion. A vengeful old mortician loves to desecrate the corpses he buries.

But one of them turns out to be not so dead, and calls on the others for help You are a man caught in an endless nightmare: attacked by werewolves, vampires and zombies, buried alive, and more. Can you work out why you're here and find a way out of this torment?

An arrogant young man takes over a small-town fire department. He decides to kill the only other town fireman, an old man who refuses to retire. The old man isn't so eager to give up his job. A doctor swears vengeance when he is disbarred from practicing. He imprisons the committee members and transplants their brains into dogs, using the animals to make him rich as a sideshow performer.

However, their survival instinct is stronger than he thought.

Lost Inside Myself: Tales from the Closet

A swindler marries a wealthy woman for her money and then kills her, disposing of her body in the faithful old trunk that she carries while travelling. The trunk is determined not to let him get away with the murder. A man falls in love with a woman he met at a masquerade ball , despite never having seen her real face. They agree to unmask each other on their wedding night but the groom may not be so keen on what he finds under the mask.

A practical joker visits the doctor for aches and pains caused by constant laughing, little knowing that the doctor was the victim in a prank that went fatally wrong. A reporter investigates a series of deaths of homeless people, which he believes are linked to a mysterious charity in aid of street-dwellers. Children overhear a plot between the local doctor and undertaker to make money by poisoning the wealthiest people in town and then charging their families for elaborate funerals.

When their latest victim turns out to be the father of one of the boys, the children devise a little scheme of their own. A lonely grave is filled with the body of an equally lonely woman who was murdered by her niece and nephew. She returns from the grave, which does not want to let her go, but she repays it by filling it with two new corpses. A macabre twist on the tale of Sleeping Beauty.

An elderly, paraplegic newspaper seller loses his livelihood when a rival takes over his pitch. He is not able to physically do anything to stop this but his shadow has no such limitations.

Carla is terrorized by her husband, a sadistic sideshow freak with the power of telepathy. He learns that she is having an affair and settles on a plan to kill her lover, using a series of local murders as a cover.

Gino Vannelli Living inside myself

But Carla finds a way to settle the score - and whoever or whatever committed the murders is still on the loose. A diver kills his rival in order to mine an area of abnormally large pearls for himself, but finds a surprise waiting for him down in the depths. Ezra, an old sea captain, moves in with his sister Mildred. He goes insane, having the house remodelled to look like the inside of his ship, and treating Mildred as a slave. But when the exertion gives her a fatal heart attack, Ezra finds himself all at sea.

The proprietor of a seafood restaurant, who loves to torture the lobsters he serves, finds out what it's like to be in their place after he kills an associate he had ripped off. Geniuses Andrew and Philip have been best friends all their lives, until Philip marries an unscholarly woman and stops spending time with Andrew. Lucky for Andrew, he has devised a way to keep Philip with him forever. The corrupt director of an insane asylum decides to clean the place up before an inspection, but discovers to his own cost that one inmate may not be so crazy after all. A circus performer's daughter is seduced by a ruffian knife-thrower who is already married.

The father hatches a plot to have the man sent away to jail by killing his wife during their act, but does not anticipate a last-minute change of circumstances. A Nazi soldier suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome is relieved from his post and goes to live with a friend, a butcher whose shop is mysteriously full of meat despite wartime rationing. A violinist undertakes a dangerous journey to visit his old teacher, and becomes determined to kill the werewolves that inhabit the surrounding woods.

Two friends suspect each other of being the vampire who killed their mutual third friend and many other people in the town. A man whose greedy brother has made constant demands on him throughout their lives can take no more when his brother demands an expensive ornament for the hood of his car. Roy Dixon committed the perfect murder at Four Corners. All four connecting states have made a bid to send him to Death Row, but he walked free.

So why are his nightmares of execution becoming all too real? Paul finds himself being threatened at gunpoint by his wife's lover, who does not seem to know there is a very special requirement for joining her family A struggling art dealer tries to take advantage of three old ladies who are able to create wonderful tapestries after they have witnessed a violent accidental death.

A ship's captain who is in love with a crew member's wife kills her husband by deliberately exposing him to a flesh-eating virus. In a reader-as-narrator story, you attempt to steal a miser's treasure that he has been bringing up from a shipwreck. You kill him when he gets in your way, but when he said he was ready for you, he was dead right! Fortune hunter Pearl attempts to seduce a wealthy man and is delighted when he tells her he "wants her for his wife.

An executioner in post- Revolution France is paid by a corrupt noble's brother to expose the man as a monarchist and have him sent to the guillotine. The executioner saves the man's head as a trophy, and finds it harder to dispose of than he expected. The survivor of a shipwreck becomes caught up in the "food chain" when he finds himself stranded on an island with nothing to eat but a single rat.

A man serving time on a penal colony makes a plan to escape by killing the governor and taking the corpse's place in the coffin. If only he'd stayed around to hear the victim's last request. Howard has to leave his beloved wife to go on a business trip, but begins to suffer from a recurring dream of her being murdered. A man is trying to woo a much younger woman, who rejects him because of his age. He finds a doctor who can give him the body of a young man again - for a hidden price.

Local men turn vigilante when the mayor won't help them rid the town of the werewolf that is killing people. The mayor, however, has his own reasons not to get involved. Inmates at a home for the blind turn the tables on the sadistic overseer and his dog by trapping them in a maze in the basement. Elmer's selfish wife and her freeloading parents have always criticized him for his failure to "get ahead" in life, not realizing how literally he would take their words.

A conman marries a sick old woman for her money, but finds out she has a very strange relationship with the local "rag man". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Tales from the Crypt Cover of Tales from the Crypt Art by Al Feldstein. Comics portal Horror fiction portal. Retrieved Sarah Palin," Newsarama 2 October Retrieved on Night Shyamalan".

Entertainment Weekly. Classics The Autumn People. Perversions of Science Creepshow The Frighteners. EC Comics. Impact Valor Extra! Aces High Psychoanalysis M. Incredible Science Fiction. Gardner Fox. Creepy Eerie. Red Wolf Skyman Thun'da. Categories : American comics magazines EC Comics publications comics debuts comics endings Fantasy comics Horror comics Tales from the Crypt American comics adapted into films Comics adapted into television series Comics about magic Comics by Carl Wessler Vampires in comics Comics about werewolves Zombies in comics Magazines established in Magazines disestablished in Comics anthologies.

Hidden categories: Title pop. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Cover of Tales from the Crypt EC Comics: vol. William Gaines Al Feldstein. Not online, in person, albeit, nearly 30 years post graduation from medical school, owning my own private practice for nearly 15 of those years and doing a brief 4yr stint as a Lt. Col in the US Air Force! I was going about mine backwards. The first semester went like a breeze or did it? I now only remember that I had a hard time getting used to not only going back to school but also going back to school in the tech age!

First off, I was one of, if not the oldest student in that regular MBA class! I was not happy about that at all. I hated the fact that I was in class with late teens and early twenty-something-year-olds. Their mannerisms were a total lack, they were disrespectful, noisy, lackadaisical, and sometimes rude to the professors s. What struck me the most was their tendency to not do the work! They were very content with not showing up for class, joining in class discussions or even doing their portion of the school work at all… I guess I am seriously old school This bothered me so much that after that first semester, I went back to my student adviser and requested to disenroll.

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Luckily, she was kind enough to understand my position and suggested I sign up for the Executive MBA program instead. I was really lucky because I literally made the interview on the last day! Reminds me of a similar incident with Howard University Hospital Residency interview, I also talked about here. Thankfully, I got in! Since my paperwork was already in the school of business, all I needed was an intradepartmental transfer. At the Executive MBA program, my cohort comprised of people closer to my age, adults.

A fair number of them were still younger than me, but the age gap was not nearly as much. The youngest in my class was 31 yrs old. They had all seen life and lived it a little. A lot of them were well-traveled. They were much more experienced and for the most part, wanted to do their school work. My kind of people. We were different, yet the same. A few were veterans like me, a few were foreigners like me, a few were mothers of kids in college like me, a few were divorced like me, and one was not only the other one Black person, he is also Nigerian like me!

Awon Naija sha! I believe I lucked out! In spite of all that, the school work was still a huge challenge for me. I had to get used to school the American way. Folks actually call their professors by their first names around here, huh? Not in Nigeria, tufiakwa! I went to medical school in the 80s, graduated in the very early 90s. We had real chalkboards, not smartboards. Our blackboards were not virtual, they were really black and physically present in the classroom.

I had no concept of the word office-hours, luckily, my son who was then a freshman at Stanford University explained what that meant to me. What de? As shocking as these findings were to me, there was more to come. As the only physician and one of 2 Blacks of the lot, 33 of us to be exact, I had no one else wearing my exact shoes, hmmmm. I had no one to hold on to when Statistics got tough yea, I know, I did biostatistics in med school, so I recalled sensitivity and specificity, but certainly not Anova or Covariance Analysis I had no one to hold on to when Accounting reared its ugly head, or when Finance got crazy my poor mom, a retired accountant, who was visiting at that time, got a daily dose of complaints from me.

As a self-proclaimed hater of numbers except those on my paycheck and bank account I loathe Excel…still do! First of all, I had never really heard about it, furthermore, I not only had to learn its basics, but I also had to learn to apply it to Accounting, and Finance, WHY!?

Every now and again, I did feel lonely and left out in my cohort, but my resilience and adaptability would kick in and I would win the little battles. Economics was good as long as it was Macro Economics and the professor who worked for the FED was a kindly older gentleman with a thick Texan accent and a friendly smile. Still, I spent too many afternoons in his office at the high-security Federal Building downtown San Antonio.

Corporate Restructuring was okay at the start until we got deeper into the mathematical aspects and calculations, then it ceased to be fun. Since I love words, Organizational Behavior was great, Ethics was a bit confusing. Looking back now, one of my favorite subjects was Leadership. Not only was our professor really cool and soft-spoken, but the cases were also interesting, intriguing and thought-provoking. I enjoyed learning about exemplary leaders. I learned about myself and my own flavor of leadership. I thoroughly enjoyed the final TEDx talk we each had to give at the end of the class.

Oh, my talk was on the power of the word, NO. One of my favorite experiences during my business school was Executive Coaching. As a matter of fact, I owe my executive coach, my entire career journey today. She is one cool Chica. She used to work for NASA, so she is equal part brains, beauty, class, and control.

I absolutely admire her poise and her presence. Truth be told, I only signed up for the MBA partially because the VA was footing the bill, and partially because I used to counsel my subordinates in the Air Force to take advantage of the GI Bill and Post educational grants and go back to school and further their education. I never even thought I could do it, but I had to heed my own advice. The 17hour flight both ways was no match for the excitement I felt in finally seeing the world famous Singapore and Vietnam!

Singapore, a country born with a golden spoon, is eating its cake and having it too. It is an example of how hard work pays off no matter what. After everything she has been through, her people still wake up every morning, practice Tai Chi, get on their motorcycles and ride! I cannot put in words the excitement of Singapore!

Its clean streets, ultramodern architecture, eclectic suburbs, fine dining, high-end shopping, educated minds, and multiracial indigenes all living harmoniously in spite of differences in religion, language, customs, cultures, etc. A hard lesson for all African countries to learn sadly. Singapore welcomed me with open arms. I even got a chance to sing old Karaoke tunes with a local band at a local pub! Vietnam was different. Our class got to visit the Crocs factory, eat with the locals in a traditional Vietnamese home, and take a canoe ride on the river to the coconut village, where my sense of smell was completely mesmerized by the indescribable smells of coconut.

As unbelievable as the trip was, I topped it up, by finishing the final edits of my first of many Amazon bestsellers on the plane ride home! BTW, get your copy on Amazon or on my website , it is the best parenting book ever! I shall miss school. I have always been studious. I have always had a quest for knowledge. Though old age is setting in and my memory is not quite as good as it used to be. Considering I got the degree after I have already been in private practice for nearly 30yrs, and considering I have no idea what I am going to do with it…yet, I am still thankful for all the potential doors it will open for me.

In ending, I would like to say; just like that, my 27month program is done. Was it hard? Is it doable? Hell yeah! Can you do it? All day! So follow your heart, try something new, push yourself. No one ever died wishing they spent one more day playing a round of golf. This is my legacy, what is yours? What is holding you back from following and fulfilling your dreams? What are your priorities? Are they in proper order? Remember, life is what happens while you are busy planning…so get off your phone, get off your couch and just do it! If I could do it, with my schedule, you can do it too!

Peace still. Happy New Year…I only wish my heart was happy as I write these words this morning. The title of this blog literally pulled me up from bed, begging to be written, so here goes. We see them on the news every day, we see them on social media every time we look at our handheld devices. I am sick of the fact that small children are now more pre-occupied with bullying each other than playing in the sandbox or with their X-Box. Even when they do play in said sandbox or on the X-Box, they are bullying each other.

They are teasing each other, they are making fun of each other, and not in a nice way, in the worst possible ways, saying the worst possible things to themselves. How does a year-old come up with those words? What do they know?

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How did they come up with so much meanness and hatred in their hearts and mouths and fingers? Where will a 9-year-old child find such racist statements as those that were repeatedly uttered to this poor little girl? Where are their parents when all of this is happening? Who are these people?

Where do I start? Who are these year-olds and who are their parents and family members? What examples are we setting for them? How are we handling our home environments? Where are they learning this hatred from? What exactly is going on in our homes, in their heads, in their hearts? What is happening there? Are we as parents now simply having children and leaving them to be raised by others? As a part of the village it takes to raise children, I must say, it is not my primary responsibility to raise yours for you, just as it is not yours to raise mine.

We MUST as parents, stop and retrace our steps. We MUST accept our own responsibilities and accept the roles we are playing or not playing when it comes to raising our kids right. We MUST accept our own fair share of blame and then, maybe, we can seek to rectify. We MUST as a matter of urgency resist the urge to play the blame game. Enough already.